Documents to be carried in an a/c

From: Mike Spearpoint
Documents to be carried on board

91.03.1 The owner or operator of an aircraft shall ensure that the following documents, or certified true copies thereof, are carried on board the aircraft on each individual flight:


if the aircraft is engaged in a domestic flight –

1) The certificate of registration;

2) The certificate of airworthiness;

3) The appropriate licence of each flight crew member;

4) The aircraft radio station licence

5) The certificate of release to service;

6) The aircraft flight manual referred to in regulation 91.03.2 or an equivalent document

7) The mass and balance report;

8) The flight folio;

9) The (MEL)Min Equipment List, if applicable;

10) The noise certificate, if such certificate has been issued for the type of aircraft; and(xi)

11) The list of visual signals for use by intercepting and intercepted aircraft.

12) Aircraft flight manual

13) Maps (of local area?) (AviMap?)


Mike Spearpoint

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