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Uitenhage Aero Club

Redhill Aviation Club and the Algoa Microlight Aviation Club (AMAC) were the forerunners to the Uitenhage Aero Club. These clubs have roots dating back to late nineteen sixties.

In 2008, the South African regulations governing micro flight were changed and the sport became part of a larger discipline – that of the National Pilot rating. ThisĀ  rating of licence encompasses Light Sport Aviation (aircraft lighter than 650kg), Touring Motor Gliders, Conventionally Controlled Microlights and Weight Shift catergories.

Also part of the change was stimulated by changing demographics of users based at the Uitenhage Aerodrome, with some heavier tin flyers relocating from Port Elizabeth to FAUH.

The Uitenhage Aero Club officially came into being on 23 June 2011 at a Special general meeting of AMAC, giving rise to the change in name and the core objective to serve all forms of aviation.

The constitution of UAC is available here: UAC Constitution Feb 2012

5 Responses to About Us

  1. John says:

    Where does a person find info on training and costs of this training to become a fixed wing pilot ?



  2. Clayton says:

    I would like to know whether there is anyone who can offer microlight training in the Port Elizabeth area?

  3. Bruce Davids says:

    Hi, i have a few photos of the wings and wheels i want to send for your website, how do i upload them?

  4. Jurie Schoeman says:

    Dave at Algoa Flight school directed me to you. I want to find out about a microlight license, he said I should speak to Fred Stemmet. I need his contact details please.
    Jurie Schoeman

  5. Hannes Nel says:

    Hi, I am a private pilot and intend to fly from Gobabis Namibia to Uitenhage, with my wife, on 8 of August 2013.
    We are planning to attend my wife s 40 year school reunion at Despatch.
    Can you please send me some contact details so that I can plan about this trip,
    We are flying a Cessna 206 V5-MAG, and I need more info about your weather that time of year, alternative airfields in case of bad weather, the possiblity of hangerage and costs involved .
    Thank you for your time!
    Hannes Nel
    Cell +264811240285

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